Ring Sizer

The best way to check your finger size is to have it measured by a local jeweller, using metal sizing rings.

If this is not possible, we would be pleased to post you a free plastic ring sizing device, which is very accurate.

Please either contact us to request a ring sizer, or leave the size on your order as ‘not known’ and we will post a ring sizer to you by return.

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The last alternative is to use the ring sizing device below.  This needs to be printed out “full size”, without any boxes ticked on your printer settings, then follow the instructions given.

Whilst this gives a very good indication of size, it is impossible to be completely accurate with a paper sizer, so this should be used as a last resort.



The sizer works like a belt.

Print and cut it out and make a slit where shown.

Push the end through the slit to form a ring shape and slip it onto your finger. Adjust to give a comfortable fit which goes over the knuckle without difficulty. Read off the letter indicated by the arrow – that’s your size

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