British Jewellery was established in 1986 by Peter , a young goldsmith and jewellery designer.  With a degree in jewellery design and following an apprenticeship in Australia, he initially set up a small workshop in Uppingham, Rutland, from where he developed a large base of local clients.  His reputation for excellent design and craftsmanship spread rapidly, leading to the expansion into our current premises in North Street East in 1992.  Originally these were shared, with Peter occupying just the basement workshop, but over the years we have grown to now fill every nook and cranny of the 3-storey building.

The British jewellery industry, like most British manufacturing, has diminished over the last 30 years. Nowadays, most jewellery in the high street has been made in the Far East.  There are so few manufacturing jewellers left in the UK that even our trade association, the British Jewellers Assocation, has had to open it’s doors to wholesalers, retailers and even supermarkets, just to survive!

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So by continuing to hand-make jewellery in the UK, we are bucking that trend. With so few services left in the industry we have gradually brought all of the skills in-house, so that we now have a very strong and highly skilled team who can produce any style of jewellery you might want.  This also means that your jewellery stays on our premises throughout the manufacturing or repair process.  The only exception being seal engraving, for which we use one of the handful of seal engravers left in the country (all other engraving being done in house).

Our six-strong team of goldsmiths design and hand-make one-off pieces by commission and for our Rutland and on-line shops. Ranging from traditional designs to highly individual and sometimes unusual pieces, we have never yet been given a design challenge that we have not been able to meet.

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A dramatic example was when we were contacted by someone acting for a foreign royal family. They needed a jewelled crown for a coronation. They had been let down by a London jeweller and unsurprisingly were finding it difficult to find someone who could step in.

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The real challenge was that it needed making within 3 weeks of the initial phone call! We came up with a design which was agreed within hours, and immediately set to work to make the crown, which, despite hiccups with couriers, was completed and delivered on time, to budget.

In contrast, much of our work is straightforward, such as diamond solitaire rings or other styles of engagement ring, earrings, pendants, etc.  Many of the stones come directly from the cutters and as we are making the jewellery ourselves, you bypass a step or two of the retail chain, so you get more diamond for your pound!

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