Seal Rings


The craft of seal engraving has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. Today there are only a handful of engravers in the UK still practising this ancient craft.

Seals and Signet Rings are usually engraved into 9ct or 18ct gold rings, or into rings set with stones such as bloodstone or carnelian. We can work from an existing seal or wax impression, or a picture of the crest. Alternatively, if you are unsure of your family crest, we can research it for you.

Signet Rings can be engraved with your family crest, or, less commonly, with a full coat-of-arms.

Signet Ring Repair   

seal impression family seal ring with full coat of arms and motto seal impression example of family seal ring
seal impression example family crest ring ladies seal impression ladies 9ct signet ring
seal impression seal ring
Tourmaline seal ring   


Seal engraving is deep engraving in reverse. The wax impression made by the ring shows the incredibly fine detail in the engraving. Seal rings and signet rings often become family heirlooms and actually seem to improve with age!

We use heavy signet rings – usually a minimum of 3mm thick – as we need a good thickness to allow for the depth of the engraving. All of the engraving is done by hand.

Due to the steeply rising gold price it is difficult to keep published prices up-to-date. Prices for seal rings are also affected by the complexity of the crest, therefore the following should just be used as a guide.

  • Man’s seal ring
    • 9ct gold approx £590 – £680
    • 18ct gold approx £975 – £1100
  • Woman’s seal ring
    • 9ct gold approx £450 – £530
    • 18ct gold approx £680 – £750

To discuss a seal ring commission, or for prices in other metals or using stone set rings, please use the form on the contact us page, or telephone +44 (0)1572 822051. Seal rings commissions can be agreed by email and/or telephone

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