Coloured Stones


The world of coloured gemstones is vast and varied.  As well as the ubiquitous ruby, emerald and sapphire, there are many more too choose from. See also Birthstones

So here is a light-hearted review of some of the fabulous coloured gems you might like to consider:-

The Hot Favourites

2 Ruby
3 Tanzanite
4 Peridot
5 Fancy Coloured Sapphire
6 7 8 9 &

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Blue Sapphire

A classic and beautiful stone, sapphire is hard and resilient making it perfect for all types of jewellery. Sometimes heated to bring out the strength of colour but otherwise untreated, you can be confident in the “honesty” of the stone you are buying.

A perennial favourite, birthstone for September and the anniversary stone for 45 years of marriage.



Popular for centuries, glorious and ideal for jewellery, ruby represents 40 years of marriage and is the birthstone for July.

HOWEVER, some very scary treatments are making us nervous – the market is being flooded with “lead glass filled” ruby.

This transforms poor quality stones by filling the fractures making them invisible, but the moment they are heated (for example when resizing a ring) the lead glass melts and the stone becomes worthless. So if the price of a ruby seems too good to be true, it probably is!



Exceedingly popular and undoubtedly beautiful with it’s rich purple overtones and wonderful depth of colour.

However, it is quite a soft stone and will therefore scratch and dull over time, so it is not ideal for everyday rings.

Great for earrings, pendants and “special occasion” rings.



Although found in ancient Egyptian and Roman jewellery, peridot was fairly obscure until rich seams were discovered in the 1990s on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

With its vivid green colour, few inclusions and no need for any treatments, this wonderful stone is becoming increasingly sought after.

Coloured Sapphire

Clear and bright in a rainbow of colours; green, yellow and red via orange, and pinks from pale to vibrant. With a wonderful sparkle, these are suitable for all types of jewellery.

They are usually heated to bring out the depth of colour



Difficult to choose, but perhaps; emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine and topaz.

Too much to say here, but do pop in, phone or email to discuss these and any other of the worlds wonderful gemstones.

Something “A Little Bit Different…”

Gemstone supplier

Are you a little fed up with seeing just the ‘big four’ (diamonds, ruby, emerald, sapphire) in high street windows?

The world’s riches go far beyond that. Here are a few of our recent finds.

If you’d like to discuss designs for any of these or see some other rarities, please contact us.

1 Merelani
2 Andesine Feldspar
3 Green Sphene
4 Tourmaline
5 Natural Zircon


A wonderful mint green form of grossular garnet found close to the surface as a by-product of Tanzanite mining.

As the world’s only source is mined more deeply, this almost unknown stone is becoming even rarer. We have a stunning trillion-cut example.

Andesine Feldspar

A flaming red stone found in several parts of the world including the Andes (hence its name).

Borderline too soft for rings so we’re planning a pendant, offset with tsavorite trillions.

Green Sphene

Rare and beautiful in almost neon-green with red flashes and a diamond-like lustre.

Our example was found in Brazil and cut into a fancy round


Not really rare, but overlooked.


Tourmaline is fantastically versatile with a huge colour range in bright, pastel and dusky shades, making it a more subtle (and lower priced) alternative to sapphire. Bi-colour stones make stunningly unique pieces


A brilliant but misunderstood stone which suffers due to the similarity of its name to cubic zirconia (it also sounds a bit too much like science fiction to be true).

Many people are unaware that there is a beautiful natural gemstone called Zircon.

Our fancy trillion cut African Cognac Zircon has wonderful colour and fire.

Stone fell out of ring how to fix?


























































































































































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