The Art of Jewellery Design

Bespoke ring

Jewellery Repair London a small, highly skilled team of goldsmiths and Horologist, they repair antique jewellery but also design and hand-make one-off pieces by commission for private clients. Ranging from traditional designs to highly individual and sometimes unusual pieces, we have never yet been given a design challenge that we have not been able to meet.

Bespoke Jeweller 

They have been recently contacted by someone acting for a foreign royal family. They needed a jeweller crown for a coronation. They had been let down by a Birmingham jeweller and unsurprisingly were finding it difficult to find someone who could step in. The real challenge was that it needed making within 3 weeks of the initial phone call! We came up with a design which was agreed within hours, and immediately set to work to make the crown, which, despite hiccups with couriers, was completed and delivered on time, to budget.

ETERNITY Ring Resizing

Most of the time Eternity ring are given on the birth of a first born child. For many couples however, they are given simply to say ‘I’ll love you forever’.

There are many different styles. The most common, known as a ‘full eternity’ ring, is a band set with diamonds all the way around the finger. A ‘half-eternity’ is a practical alternative, with diamonds around the top of the finger and a plain band at the back. Many people opt for other stones, such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires, either instead of diamonds, or interspersed with diamonds in a regular pattern.

More and more couples nowadays are committing to one another for life, but opting not to marry. An eternity ring is an ideal statement of love and commitment. Alternatively there are many other styles of commitment or partnership rings to choose from – some with hidden messages, or set with stones that hold a personal meaning for the couple.

One example is the ‘Arch Ring’ which combines many symbolic images. The arch symbolises a doorway through to a new beginning. The two arches almost meeting represent two people coming together, without quite becoming one. The scrolls engraved around the ring are the ancient symbol of life source whilst the diamonds are for eternity.


Wedding Jewellery

In addition to wedding rings, many Brides today glory in a wonderful display of jewellery to go with their chosen outfit. Tiaras are again fashionable for weddings, often hand made in silver or gold, with pearls or other precious gems. Pearls are often chosen for weddings as they perfectly complement the traditional white or ivory dress and delicate veils or headpieces.

Dress Rings

In addition to engagement and wedding rings, we are frequently asked to make ‘dress’ rings – in other words, rings bought, not to mark any particular occasion, but just to enjoy wearing. Ranging from traditional designs to highly individual and sometimes unusual pieces, the rings are hand-made in white or yellow gold or platinum.

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