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necklace repair


For everyday wear, we stock a wide variety of chains in silver, gold and platinum, including many of our own designs. Fine and medium weight chains are useful for hanging pendants on, whilst chunky chains are great fun and very popular.

Earrings Repairs

Everyone needs a pair of diamond studs, and of course some elegant pearls. A few pairs of every day pretty earrings and several evening danglies are also essential.


There are many styles of bracelet, from chunky chains and charm bracelets, to beautiful diamond set bracelets.


Brooches are less popular than they were 100 years ago – perhaps not so many people want to make holes in their clothes! For traditionalists, we always stock a good range of antique brooches.

Family Seal Rings Repairs

The craft of seal engraving has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. Today there are only a handful of engravers in the UK still practising this ancient craft. Seals are usually engraved into 9ct or 18ct gold rings, or into rings set with stones such as bloodstone or carnelian. We can work from an existing seal or wax impression, or a picture of the crest. Alternatively, if you are unsure of your family crest, we can research it for you.


Jewellery Repairs UK

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